Yakov Sheynberg, DVM

Dr. Yakov Sheynberg graduated and received his doctorate degree with Honors at Moscow Veterinary Academy in 1981. He continued his studies and clinical training at the University of Columbia, Missouri. He became the first Russian-speaking licensed veterinarian in New York in 1994. Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group was founded in 1995 under his direct participation. Dr. Sheynberg’s professional interests include internal medicine, dentistry, surgery, and ophthalmology.

Rather often, Dr. Sheynberg can be seen arriving at the office accompanied by his two furry friends, Andy, a dachshund, and Pimo, a Himalayan cat. Andy is his loyal companion during his hikes at the park.

Olga Korobkova, DVM

Dr. Olga Korobkova came from Russia at the age of 15. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pace University, she continued her education and graduated with her DVM from St. George’s University.

Michelle Martinez, DVM

Dr. Michelle Martinez is a Brooklyn native, who’s dreamt of becoming a veterinarian since she could talk! She has worked at SBVG since 2007, which further ignited her passion for the job. After receiving her BA in Psychology at Hunter College, she continued her education and graduated with her DVM from St. George’s University in 2020. She is back and and excited to be working at SBVG again, only this time as a Veterinarian. Dr. Martinez’s interests include surgery, internal medicine and dentistry.

When she isn’t running around the office, Dr. Martinez can be found at home taking care of her own little zoo of animals and spending time with her family.