X-ray imaging is one of the most important diagnostic tools in medicine. X-rays can provide  us with quick diagnoses to such problems as swallowed objects, broken bones, bladder stones, spinal injury, tumors, and many more. They can also often point us to a target organ that can be causing your pet’s problems if it is enlarged or an unusual shape. In case of pregnant animals, we are able to see how many puppies or kittens there are and if they are positioned correctly.

Dental X-rays can help us diagnose such problems as abscessed or broken teeth or if there is a mass in the pet’s mouth. Sheepshead Bay Vet Group is one of the very few veterinary hospitals equipped with a 9-megapixel digital X-ray as well as a digital dental X-ray. This provides us with  a high resolution image for a better diagnosis and enables us to save an image to a disk in case we need to refer you to a specialist or simply E-mail the image to a specialist for a quick consult.